Inspired by Pablo Neruda's 20 Love Poems and a Song of Despair, the poems in this little book celebrate love & sex, joy & pain, excitement & pleasure, the sensuality of riveting touch, erotic giving, and curious minds, in language as startling as the kisses, wishes, blisses & heartbreak of aroused lovers.
"Safe Arms: 20 Love & Erotic Poems" explores the beauty and passion and pain of love, sex, and loss.

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Sample Poems from "Safe Arms: 20 Love & Erotic Poems"

Full Grown

Know This Secret
My Mardi Gras

Full Grown
hair on a woman’s fingers & forearms
blues crocheted into sun-up cradle song
I suck my thumb
stretch my baby hands
wishes hum in my palms
a woman’s unshaven legs
my nipples become aching candles
I close my eyes
sway to drone welling
from center of my chosen appetites
hint of a mustache thick eyebrows
my breaths fuse
full underarms treasure below exposed navel
my sex arcs
my hallucinations whimper
face down in sweat-scented roots
beard lost within untamed blending
sliding cheek along curving ankle
licking wayward strands framing naked toes
hand tangled up in breathtaking veil
hair on a woman’s body
blurs my oldest incoherence
stirs incandescent my my my
I faint standing up

Know This Secret

she laugh
sweep away my sins
wet my name
hairs flicker up & down my arm
dare me with a silly wink
I can't hide love

maybe I'm sweeter than I think
if she let me in her life her body
if all this naked seeking
bouncing 2 lovers' frequency off satellites
short circuit everybody's pagers

maybe I'm spilling secrets best left to
summoning dusk or taunting sunrise
if I tell you she welcome on my lap
legs yawning
head thrown back
seizure rippling her face
mouth a perfect circle
breath a hypnotizing hush
spine arching in limbo

telepathy steal her from gravity's arms
guide her whiplash back home
fever mold satin against my chest
sob splash in my face
tears glisten on my mustache
faith suspend us on shivering arms
nothing between us but incandescence

I sink into her geometry
touch magnetize skin
weld hips
suffocate cool
collapse dusk into sunrise

time become a wistful peeping tom
braiding his fingers into a sizzling wick
licking sweat off these moments with no shame

who don't want to know this secret
born in laughter
silly as cartoon TNT
serious as sex at high noon on a Sunday
without prayer religion or sin

My Mardi Gras

she my Mardi Gras
everyday festival
when she take off her mask
her loving
is the coup de grace

she my Mardi Gras
everyday Shangri La
after we dance in the streets
we come home
to hallelujah

standing still we sway
one touch begins a parade

she my Mardi Gras
hallelujah hallelujah

she my Mardi Gras
loving Is the coup de grace

we come home to Shangri La

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Safe Arms: 20 Love & Erotic Poems