Hand Dancing with My Secret Love

One of the true blessings of my life: when I’ve joyously hand danced with a lover! When we’ve stepped into a current of mutual exhilaration. When we’ve released residual embarrassment about stepping on one another’s toes! When, like chameleons, our colors blended perfectly!

True friends, hip to the movement of our intimacy, hopeful in our intimacy’s movement.

Surrendered. Sundered. Alive and thrilled in each other’s arms. Steps be damned. Choreography welling from the moment. Choreography stitched together and choreography so psyched!

Two bodies shouting without words! Two bodies emanating a concussion wave of joy! Two humans riveted on one another. Two lovers blending their megahertz. Two folks who’ve put down their shields. Two folks who’ve offered up their secret loves. Two people hearing the music within the music.

Two folks, so blended within their momentum, they draw errry body’s attention!

The Promise That Twilight Made

twilight already promises
a night that would be a night
when all the holy statues
could wipe the tears from their eyes

when all the hopeful lovers
could hear a serenade of prayers
just from the watercolor evening breeze

then on the dying spin of one long day
floats an oldie by Billy Stewart
the harmony of a new dimension
reveals the promise that twilight made

just from the breezy watercolor
dripping music from the rippling horizon

(i do love you/yes i do)

& it becomes a night
all the dry-eyed statues
tip from their sanctuaries down
to this seashore & sashay cross the purple seawater
Billy Stewart sings sweetly down by the seashore
clouds step across the sky like back-up singers
full moon glows like a church soloist wearing quilted spirit
Billy Stewart sings sundown by the seashore
lovers nod to his Doo Wop serenade

(i do love you/yes i do)

twilight died on the spindle of one long day
all the holy lovers found a home
in the watery folds of robes worn
by statues swishing on the waves of wishes

on a night that became a night  

when all the world’s dancers
closed their eyes & swooned like newborn
lovers into the twilight water colors
dripping from the rippling places
where water meets tomorrow

My hand dance mantra: Relax the muscle. Strengthen the muscle. Stretch the muscle. Flex the muscle. Keep the muscle supple. Discern your moment for a hand dance. Cultivate opportunities for hand dancing. Clear out schedules and make time for a hand dancing jam.

Then shake your body down to the ground!   

Last conversation I had with my 17- and 15-year-old granddaughters …

They lifted their heads from their smartphones juuuuuussssst long enough to tell me:

At the parties they attend, they dance by jumping in the air. I loved it and told them how in college, at a Graham Central Station concert, that’s how me and 2,500 other fans partied to the music: jumping in synergies with one another.

Larry Graham and us shouting:

Dancing and singing is all I really ever wanted to do….”

BONUS EXCERPT from my book, Black Man of Happiness: In Pursuit of My ‘Unalienable Right,’ WINNER, 2015 AMERICAN BOOK AWARD: “… I’m trying to counsel [my grandson]: Pair rejuvenation with your boldness. Pair creativity with your swagger. Pair stamina with your daring. Hunger as much for a reason to live as you do for making money. Shortsighted? Compare your vision with that of your mother, who imagined becoming a nurse and went back to school as an adult and mastered the work it took. Impulsive? Define victories. Peep consequences. Measure the benefits of every thought, of every decision, of every action. One-dimensional? Multiply by 20 years the trash talking of a dude wondering if he’ll make it past the age of 25 and risk focusing on what it will feel like in your 40’s. Negative peer pressure? Cultivate relatives, play brothers or play sisters, who will refresh you when you feel defeated. What’s your starting foundation? Mine reveres and relies on relentless stamina, dream states, daring in the clutch, music that raises the hair on my neck, and the miracle of improvisation. How do you want folks to feel around you? I want folks to feel like they’ve entered a Field of Joy when I walk into room. What do you celebrate? I celebrate a tradition of keeping my eyes on the prize. How do you successfully sustain your accomplishments? I say thank you in real time, for the smallest success. What are your Inner Resources? Mine are hope, curiosity, courage, personal artistry. What are your Inspiration Specs? Mine are praise and credit where praise and credit are due, lifted spirits, strengthened alliances, mutual improvement, mutual refinement, mutual solutions .…” https://blackmanofhappiness.com/shop/

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  1. Look forward to a dance wit U moment real soon! Love the joy emanated and tunes that come through your words. Always lends hope for better tomorrows.


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